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August 20, 2010

It’s official! Please redirect yourself to :

Thanks so much! I hope you enjoy the new site, and feel free to leave any comments or questions (which you can do right   H E R E ).

All upcoming events, news and information about new paintings will be posted in the news/blog section. As I mentioned before, there has been a lot going on lately, so the news/blog section is already full of good stuff!

Enjoy! Thanks for stopping by.


August 17, 2010

FIIIIIIIIIIIINALLY!!!! The day has come when I have a real site,  check it out!!!! I’ve literally been up all night finishing it; my fingers feel like they’re about to fall off and I’m way more than ready to close the computer and GO OUTSIDE.  It will be once I figure out why the weebly hasn’t fallen off yet, but for now it’s

Personally, I think it looks great, but I’d love to know what you think, too (actually, if you send me a little email from the “contact” section of the site you get a nice, sweet little “gift”).

This site will continue to stay up online, but I won’t be updating it anymore, everything will be going through the new site, including all the news! There’s already a bunch of new stuff on there (new shows, new endeavors, a collaboration and a great big move). Sooooo, go check it out!!!

Thanks so much for supporting me through this blog, and I hope I see you over at the new pages!



News Coming Soon…

August 11, 2010

Thinking about home, thinking about life’s landscape, thinking about the shadows and lights cast when the sun rises over foggy horizons. Thinking about how it feels to ride the wave instead of drive the car; thinking about looking out the side window instead of focusing intently on the views ahead.

I get it. We all have dreams. We all have visions of what we want our lives to be, visions of who we want to be. Some of us believe in our dreams to the extent that they become living, breathing entities that need space and nourishment, comfort and discipline, and even room for wild mood swings-just like real living, breathing people. Sometimes, though, I think that the best way to get in touch with our dreams is to just let ourselves be. When we’re not pushing and driving ourselves towards one big goal all the time we, instead, allow ourselves to grow into our current moments, rise to the occasion, reveal to ourselves aspects of our character-or maybe even our true wants and needs-that we miss in the chaos.

Welcome to my current mind tangles, circa August 11th, 11:40pm. It seems backwards to be able to find any reflection during such a chaotic point in my life.

I have lots of news, and many new shows that are either up or will be going up between this weekend and the beginning of September. But, along with having so much news comes having no time to spread the word. Links and info will be posted within the next few days, and the ever elusive will finally be revealed.

Painting in warm, warm, warm tones with strikes of bold contrasts that jut out against the haze. Floods of growth, splashed up on the canvas.

Bringing Ghosts to Life

June 19, 2010

I know it’s been a little quiet over here on the ol’ S. Cross Art front (I can hear those crickets, too…), but silence is a result of the process of transition I’ve been going through, and I’m excited to share the creative gems  coming from this process…soon. A couple of months ago I (finally!) decided that I’ll catch up with NYC at another time, and that my heart is pretty set on expanding my roots further here in Vermont. I can’t walk away from our South End yet, and most importantly, I really can’t walk away from Borough now. So, here I am! Even though I’ve been here for nearly 3 years, it’s still been a HUGE process to “make it work” for me, and adjustments have had to be considered.

So, back to the art! The cricket noise you’ve been hearing over here is actually going to continue for a bit. As you may or may not know, although my studio/gallery is located in Burlington’s thriving art district, I live 45 minutes outside of that, nestled out in the countryside amongst the cornfields, regular fields, pastures, and alongside the lake (Crickets galore. At night it’s sometimes necessary to yell to hold a conversation that can be heard over them). It’s been so beautiful out here lately, so I’ve set up a temporary studio where I can continue to work amongst this ethereal atmosphere and incorporate it into my new paintings. It’s creating a nice juxtaposition with the incredible noise I have hammering in my head, and the results are sublime.

view of one of the fields I've been painting in

Oh so quiet

As I’ve mentioned before (and is apparent when viewing photo details on the “paintings” page), writing plays a large part in the creation of my paintings. Usually my writing weaves in and out of the painting process; shaping up forms, bringing colors to life and setting a backdrop. Now, however, writing is playing a larger role in all of my work as I draft entire stories (as opposed to prose) and fill notebook after notebook before any painting takes shape. This has allowed my imagination to soar and confirm my own voice, setting the scene for a new series which is underway now. As I paint I punctuate these stories with brief, illuminating, lines, which casts light within the dark shapes on my canvas. It’s an interesting process, and I find myself playing the role of storyteller more and more as the narrative of the paintings becomes more defined. This new direction is dark, I must warn you, as I seem to go about purging my dusty inner corners and skim the top off shiny ideas to get to the bottom of fears, doubts, guilt, ghosts that haunt my dreams, projected futures and romantic notions. By nature my personality is not dark, so I’m relishing rummaging through my darker imaginings and letting them breathe a life of their own. I’m excited to share some of these new stories (including attempts to drown out the noise in my head (which only resulted in drowning my cell phone), tales of the murder and resurrection of love, wild animal bouts, stars serving as saviors, ghosts inhabiting bodies in the form of sleepwalking), but I won’t do that until I can post the finished paintings with them.

For now, I’ll leave you with a glimpse of one of these new paintings, which is actually a painting I’ve been working on since last fall. Completion feels so good, ahhhh. It’s currently featured at S.P.A.C.E. Gallery on Pine Street in Burlington as part of the show, “The Art of Networking”, which I’ll write about later tonight. I’ll also leave you with a photo of the place where some of my best writing comes about…halfway between dreams and grogginess, listening to the sounds of coyotes, crickets, train whistles, and every now and then the call of a distant owl or moose. More soon, I promise.

"Anything That Would Scream (as I live and die)" Oil on canvas, 52" x 30"

Interested In Sitting For A Portrait?

May 7, 2010
"Johnny B" charcoal and conte, 2007

"Johnny B" charcoal and conte

I’m revisiting portraiture after having put it on hold for the past 3 years. Needless to say I’m really excited about it, but this also means I need people who want to stop by and sit for a while. Interested? Hmmm??

"Phil" charcoal and conte

No one can deny that we, as humans, are eternally interested in how others view us; it’s a fascinating concept. Everyone sees their surroundings differently, and this doesn’t exclude the physical  presence of those around us. The energy that people exude, which we all pick up on differently, is really interesting to capture on paper.

"Stan" charcoal and conte

The portraits are done pretty quickly, they takes anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and a half to complete, and while it would be great to do them here at the studio, I wouldn’t be opposed to coming to you if that makes you happier. I just need your face! Don’t be shy! Become a piece of art! The process is fun, it isn’t stuffy and I swear it won’t hurt. Sometimes portraits are even turned into paintings, like the one below:

"Rachel" charcoal

"The Child" 48"x30" Oil and charcoal on canvas. Private Collection

If you’re interested in sitting for a portrait please get in touch and let me know, I’ll be starting this series next week. If you’re kind of interested and could possibly be persuaded then I still urge you to get in touch. Thanks!

"Mike" charcoal and conte

“what’s going on this weekend”, you ask?

May 4, 2010

It’s May, and Burlington is officially blooming, both environmentally and socially. Finally I am able to rip my eyes away from nyc papers and magazines and happily focus on what’s going on locally. To get super-super local, Borough is hosting a closing weekend to celebrate the finale of our current exhibit Entropic Restructed. Haven’t stopped by yet to see this gorgeous show? Don’t sweat it! We’ll be open all weekend. Here, in short format, is a little view of what’s going on in Burlington’s art scene this weekend:

Friday, May 7th:

First Friday Art Walk! Events in our South End include:

Closing of Entropic Restructed, Borough Gallery, 5-8*

“Ka-Blam”, Green Door Studio, 5-8

“Profile New York: Art as Aesthetic Experience” S.P.A.C.E. Gallery, 5-9

Sean Metcalf and Greg Mamczac at Speaking Volumes, 5-8

Closing reception for “Psychometry” at Pine Street Art Works, 5-8

for more info on what’s going on in the South End click HERE

Elsewhere around town:

Mia Feuer opens at BCA’s Firehouse Gallery from 5:30-8

The Blow (!!!!) is coming to the Monkey House with La Strada, 9pm

Saturday May 8th:

Closing of Entropic Restructed, Borough Gallery 10am-7pm

Queen City Craft Bazaar, Union Station, 10am-5pm

Opening weekend of Burlington’s Farmers’ Market, 8:30am-2pm

Sunday May 9th:

Final day to catch the closing of Entropic Restructed, Borough Gallery 10am-3pm

Flynn Avenue Sunday Market, 10am-3pm. The Sunday Market is a big mash up of artist market, farmers’ market and flea market, all taking place in the parking lot of our 180 Flynn Avenue building. Hosted by Mary at Vintage Inspired, this Sunday is the launch of what will be a summer long event. Definitely check it out, definitely get in touch with Mary if you want to be a part of it!

So come out this weekend and catch some art, peruse some markets, go to a few shows…and don’t forget to buy your tickets for the Spielpalast Cabaret, it opens next weekend!


On Monday, May 10th, there will be a City Hall meeting to discuss formally establishing the Pine Street Corridor as “Burlington’s South End Arts District”. This meeting, put forward by City Councilor Joan Shannon, could result in the installations of signs directing residents and tourists to South End artist studios and businesses. That, of course, would be awesome, so I fully encourage you to attend!

* Just a note: Borough is not affiliated with Art Map Burlington, but will be open during their First Friday events.

Come check out what Burlington has in store

thumbs up

April 19, 2010

Also, I forgot to mention the other week that our show was featured in  Seven Days with a full page review!

“Cross varies her paint handling like a pianist varies dynamics. As a classical musician might move from forte to pianissimo and back, Cross employed impasto paint in the upper reaches of the canvas and thin paint, like stain painting, in the lower left. Dark values punctuate light areas, while light values likewise break through darker patches of paint.” -Marc Awodey

Yeah, I’ll take that. Just a note, however: I don’t use impasto, my paintings are 100% oil and pure patience. Click on Raychel’s photo below to read the full review

Raychel Severance, "No Screaming". Click to read the full review of Entropic Restructed


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